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The Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA) controls all domain name matters in Australia.

Domain names are like internet business names. A domain name is . The components are:

New domain names are obtained by contacting an auDA accredited registrar. We use and recommend Melbourne IT. We can register a domain name on your behalf or you can register it yourself. With all the right information, registration takes about 2 days to implement.

domain name - second level

You should always firstly consider the version of a name, that's what most people will go to after doing a search or after typing something directly into their address bar. If you register, or any of the other available extensions and your competition has the version, then you've just lost a potential customer.


domain name - yourname.

Size does matter - In the case of domain names the smaller the better. Of course, short domain names are harder to find but if you can find one it has a number of advantages such as, it's easier to brand, easier to remember and it's harder to misspell.

Easy to remember - Try to get a name that's easy to remember and sounds good. Take for example, that's an easy to remember name. Generic words are best for this but since these are mostly gone at this stage. You may need to look for combinations of specific and generic names which rhyme and sound good together, e.g.

Relate to your business - If you use keywords which are related to your business industry you will help your search engine rankings. What's even better is if you can get your actual business name or a name similar to your company name as your domain name, this way all your off-line branding will pay off online as Internet users should be able to guess your domain name from your business name.

Avoid similarities - This means you should avoid choosing domain names that already have similar counterparts online, if you choose one of these people could end up on your competitors site rather than yours because they got confused over the two domain names.



Your web site must be hosted (stored) on a machine called a Server. Critical issues for a good server are that it:

We can provide hosting on our servers which are located in five world class data centers with multiple connections to provide you with superior speed, service and reliability.



Delegation is the process whereby the Registrar makes known to the internet community the Designated Name Server (DNS) on which you will host your domain/web site. This is initially usually the Registrars own server, whether or not you have elected to use them for hosting.

You need to arrange hosting and then make the delegation with your Registrar. Once a delegation has been made to a hosting Server then it can be accessed via the internet. This delegation process takes about 15 minutes to be useable and up to 2 days to be fully deployed worldwide.

Delegation details for our server are:

We can make the delegation on your behalf or your can make it yourself. Once delegation has been made you can visit the site and will see something like this:

Index of /

Name Last modified Size Description
[DIR] Parent Directory 01-Oct-2006 18:12 -  
[DIR] cgi-bin/ 01-Oct-2006 18:12 -  

Apache/1.3.31 Server at Port 80

You are now ready to start uploading files to your server.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Uploading or FTPing files to your site necessitates the use of software to transfer the files from a computer to your server. This can be any number of hypertext markup language (HTML) compiler software programs or specific FTP programs. We use and recommend CuteFTP. Configuration details for our server are:

If we have constructed your site we will transfer the files for you. If we are only hosting your site we would expect that you will attend to this unless other arrangements are made.


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